Our Values

At Amicon Management, we strive to create a culture of professionalism, balance, wellness and personal growth where everyone is welcome.


“We’re looking for three qualities in a person: intelligence, energy, and integrity. And if they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two”  – Warren Buffet


We believe that honesty and candor are the foundation for integrity and trust. We build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, architects, designers, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. We believe that success is the byproduct of doing the right thing.


Our associates work in an interactive, team-based environment, where all opinions are respected, and individual efforts significantly contribute to the success of the company.


For our clients trust us, we need to trust each other. It doesn’t matter your level, tenure, or title here - every team member has a voice at Amicon Management. We strive to ensure that every employee feels empowered to be their best self - both inside and outside the office.

Continuous Learning

We’re passionate about investing in the learning, development, and career growth of our people and we’re dedicated to offering them opportunities they just don’t get anywhere else.


We live in a rapidly changing world. It is critical for us to remain current on the latest technologies, means, and methods. Failure to do so is to be left behind and to miss opportunities for growth. We encourage and challenge our employees to constantly look for new ways to create value for our clients.