Our Values

At Amicon, we strive to create a culture of professionalism, balance, wellness and personal growth where everyone is welcome.

Client Focus

Client success drives our success. We deliver an elevated standard of service through custom solutions that achieve our clients’ unique goals.



We take pride in the way we work and this is expressed in our attitude and presence. We apply a respectful, professional consistency to every interaction and activity with our clients, stakeholders and team members.



We foster collaboration and connection amongst stakeholders and team members to deliver successful project outcomes. Purposeful relationships and cooperative team dynamics are essential to achieving a shared vision.


Growth and Learning

We foster personal and professional growth. We have a culture whereby our collective progress as a company is achieved through the ongoing individual development of our team members.



We are true to our word in every interaction we have. We are transparent in the way we work, and committed to doing what’s best for our clients, partners, and team.