Amicon’s Internship Program Continues to Grow

As excited as we are about our projects, we’re proudest of the team members that manage them. Amicon has gained much of its success from the young professionals that began their careers in our internship program. We value the mentorship process and take pride in seeing our staff grow and evolve throughout their careers.

Today, nearly one third of our staff began as Amicon interns. Their individual backgrounds and aspirations continue to fuel diverse thought and motivate forward-thinking within our team. We recently took the opportunity to sit with this group and talk about what the program meant for them, along with their advice for our current interns.

Meet the young professionals growing along with Amicon:

Andrew Ionescu began his internship with Amicon in 2017 as he was finishing his junior year at the University of Florida. Today, Andrew serves as an Assistant Project Manager for our educational and commercial portfolio. When asked what he loves most about his job, he said, “2 things – exposure and culture. We’re in a unique scenario where we’re exposed to more diverse projects than most companies. I love our culture and the smaller company-type feel because the shared team knowledge is great and decreases the learning curve.”

Harrison Barzyk applied to Amicon from the University of Miami’s Career Center. After completing an internship with the company in multiple sectors, Harrison graduated and officially joined the team as an Assistant Project Manager for our general contracting division. Today, he is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and values the lessons he learned in his varied experience as an intern, reminding those who just started to “not take things personally. Everybody makes mistakes. Every project has problems and the process isn’t perfect. Don’t internalize your questions or doubts because we’re all learning together.”

Slade Lutz was only looking for a summer internship when his colleague, Harrison, suggested he apply to Amicon. He was a finance major and not exactly sure what this program would be. In three short years, Slade earned his CAPM and has positioned himself as a promising Assistant Project Manager for our construction team. “I thought this was just going to be for the summer, but I fell in love with the industry. I like making relationships and talking with people from all walks of life who have taught me so much on every project.”

John Hench had no idea an internship with Amicon would eventually lead him to become a critical team member for eco-adventure park Jungle Island and its accompanying restaurant and beach club, Joia Beach. From COVID impacts to personnel changes, John earned his CAPM and remembers his Project Manager telling him that it was his job to now “take it to the end.” And while being inexperienced may seem overwhelming, John wants new interns and entry level employees to know how it helped him. “Ask as many questions as possible. At the end of the day, you’re trying to fit into a role that has numerous hats. Form relationships with the vendors you meet because the amount of knowledge people will impart on you is amazing.”

Sabrina Beraja took part in a site tour that Amicon hosted for University of Miami students. The diversity in the projects she visited prompted her to apply for an internship. Today, Sabrina is an Assistant Project Manager for luxury residential and commercial projects. With only a few years under her belt, Sabrina is still fascinated to be learning more about the complexities of the design and construction process.  “There’s always something new to learn. People in the company are here for you to lean on to refer relationships, vendors, and advice,” said Sabrina after proudly pulling her first demolition permit on her own. When asked what resources outside of the company she found helpful, she suggested interns read “The Birth of a Building: From Conception to Delivery” by Ben Stevens.

Enith Duven has been interning with Amicon for the last few months. Her internship is focused on providing project management support to the company’s demanding luxury residential portfolio. After the challenges of last year, Enith wanted a change. Her background in civil engineering and transportation management weren’t fulfilling her career aspirations. “When I saw that Amicon focused on everything, I knew that was what I wanted to do, even though I enjoy understanding the engineering process, I wanted to see a project get built.” 

Kevin Morgado will be graduating from Florida International University’s School of Construction this coming year. Just two months into his internship, he has been hands-on at the construction sites of two hospitality projects under construction and with different municipal departments prompting him to want to set big goals and get his CAPM certification and general contractor’s license in the future.

Alex May has become an onsite liaison for the condominium association team since the start of his internship. He hopes that this program exposes him to the “complexities of the development process” and is realizing “how many people are impacted and involved in not only the planning but also the execution of a project.” Interacting with condo residents and specialized contractors has especially pushed him to “to be proactive for my project manager and helping him stay organized to keep the day moving.”