Our Story

The construction industry is flawed. Overwhelming challenges like the permitting process, unforeseen delays and the lack of a workforce network make it nearly impossible for owners to complete projects successfully.  After decades of experience in all facets of construction and real estate, Adam Mopsick and Ross Adickman recognized the source of these challenges.  

Too many construction projects lack leadership, structure and organization. With professionals looking out for their own interests instead of the client, finger pointing and a lack of accountability lead to delays and cost overruns. As general contractors, Adam and Ross witnessed enough leaderless meetings to establish what was missing — a true client advocate.

Amicon Management, a vertically-integrated real estate consultancy, was formed with the mission to solve problems and add value to construction projects by saving clients time and money.

We have curated a team of experts in construction, design, development and accounting to manage projects from the owner’s perspective, protect their interests and utilize positive relationships with all industry professionals involved. Our team's personalized approach is results-oriented and driven by successful client advocacy. Amicon’s culture is focused on teamwork, collaboration and creative problem solving

Today, Amicon Management is trusted with managing over a billion dollars’ worth of real estate projects. Success begins with a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals, which guides our ability to lead and manage the project team and make decisions with professional recommendations. All projects are driven by unique requirements, and this understanding is key to delivering successful projects for our clients.

Our proven strategies mitigate risk, create accountability, and maximize value for every project. It doesn’t need to be so hard to get things done.